Learn How to Dispute an Insurance Claim

Learn How to Dispute an Insurance Claim

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You found out that your insurance company isn't willing to pay for your home or business restoration. So, what do you do? Reach out to an insurance claims specialist now. If you're in Panama City Beach, Destin, FL or anywhere in the Florida Panhandle area, John Stephens Public Adjuster can help you.

If you want to dispute an insurance claim, you'll need to prove that the losses are covered under your policy. john Stephens will take all the necessary steps to inspect and appeal the denied claim.

Uncover the truth

Sometimes your insurance company will argue that any damages found were not caused by a storm. For example: If your windows or seals are cracked or damaged, or if there is moisture between the panes, they'll argue that it's due to age, not the storm. John Stephens Public Adjuster will help you dispute an insurance claim denial like this and prove your insurer wrong.

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